“Linda provided such great support to me and my family before, during, and after the birth. She was very respectful and receptive to our wishes and needs, and provided great insight to help prepare us for the birth of our son. Her calm presence and philosophy of practice led us to trust her greatly, and it was a relief to have her present during labor and delivery. She also provided wonderful support with breastfeeding, and was always just a phone call away with any questions that I had. I would recommend her to anyone who wants extra support through their birth journey!” -Mary McKay


“Linda was a God send. I was hundreds of miles away when my wife went into labor. We called Linda and she did not stand on formalities or paperwork, just realized she was needed and made sure my wife was not alone and helped her through the scary first hours of labor. She stayed with us until the end. We have a healthy baby girl. Thank you so very much Linda!!!!” -Tim Watts


“I would not have been able to complete my birth plans the way I wanted to had it not been for Linda. I would have given up hours earlier and gone with an easier option to get through it faster. I owe her greatly for making me feel strong enough to survive.” -Teryn Watts


“We enjoyed working with Linda my interview list was short but I felt upon meeting Linda, that she was very wise humble and peaceful. This is what I was hoping for in a woman to assist me in my birth preferences. My journey of birth experience was definitely not what I had thought it out to be. But through all the twists and turns I believe Linda did her best and was by my side through it all. I have chosen to breastfeed which is no easy task however with Linda’s experience and being a breastfeeding consultant it has been very helpful to have somebody that I’m already comfortable and familiar with to coach me through the breastfeeding process. I would recommend Linda and hope to have her again in my next birthing experience. Love and be open to your own beautiful journey it will be yours and your baby’s story forever.”  -Joelle Larson